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Become the TRIPLE THREAT because BPA offers Classes in Dance, Song & Drama

Jazz: Energetic, fun and exciting dance style to current music which enables students to gain flexibility, strength and agility. Classes are available from pre-primary to advanced and diplomas.

Tap: Using shoes with metal plates to create rhythm and sound to music. Classes are available from Tinies to advanced and diplomas.

Classical Ballet: A technique dance style, which is soft and graceful. This style strengthens core, and teaches students about bones and muscle groups. Classes are available using the Cecchetti Ballet Method from beginners to Licentiate Diploma.

Contemporary: This style helps you learn how to express yourself and use technique from jazz and classical ballet components. To understand and be able to demonstrate correct technique, teachers recommend that the students do classical ballet as well. 

Hip Hop: A fun class which includes all facets of hip hop. Including Krumping, Popping and Locking. Classes are available for all age groups.

Acrobatics: This class uses core strength and flexibility to be able to demonstrate tricks such as cartwheels, bridges, round-offs in the junior level advancing to walkovers, aerials and handstandsin the intermediate/senior levels.

Singing: Students learn to sing in tune in a group environment, solo, duo or trio classes are also available. Learning about rhythms, keys and notes. Classes are available for all age groups.

Musical Theatre: A fun way to sing and dance to current musicals which enables students to experience all three genres of the performing arts; dancing, singing and acting. Classes are available for all age groups.

Drama: Students learn dialogue and projection of voice using corresponding body language to captivate an audience and telling a story.

Adult Ballet: A technical dance style catering to the mature aged student. This class strengthens core, prepares students for pointe work and ensures technique is correct.

Adult Tap: A fun class to get the heart rate going, using metal plates to make music with your feet. Learn the basics or advance to more intricate steps, such as wings, this class suits all abilities.